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Assam Gk || General Knowledge important questions || Basic General Knowledge Questions

GK 2019 : General Knowledge important questions and answers for Competitive exam & Government Job exam preparation and Interview. Current GK important Quiz Questions with answer and explanation. General Knowledge 2019 for candidates who are preparing for Competitive or Government Job examinations and GK Interview can read this page Today General Knowledge GK questions and answers and online practice GK quiz for better results. This website is provide Assamese or English language type of general knowledge GK questions

1. How many Vedas are there in Hindu religion ?
i) 2
ii) 3
iii) 4
iv) 5

2. The tripitakas are the scred books of which religion ?
i) Hinduism
ii) Sikhsm
iii) Buddhism
iv) Jainism

3. Who was the Greek Ambassador Present in the Court of Chandragupta Maurya ?
i) Seleusus
ii) Diamechus
iii) Pliny
iv) Megasthenes

4. Which among the following kings is also called 'Wise-fool king' ?
i) Bahlol
ii) Muhammad bin- Toghluq
iii) Alauddin Khilji
iv) Firuz Shah Tughluq

5. Who was the firest Sikh Guru ?
i) Nanak
ii) Angad
iii) Amardas
iv) Ramdas

6. Pandit Rabi Shankar is associated with which musical instrument ?
i) Sitar
ii) Violin
iii) Sarod
iv) Santoor

7. Which star is nearest to the earth ?
i) Sirius
ii) Sun
iii) Vega
iv) Polaris

8. How many planets are there in our solar system ?
i) 8
ii) 9
iii) 10
iv) 11

9. Which is the lingest river in the world ?
i) Amazon
ii) Congo
iii) Nile
iv) Huang ho

10. New york city is situated near the bank of .
i) Hudson River
ii) Mississiooi River
iii) Delawara River
iv) Missouri River

11.which is the largest island in the world ?
i) Madagascar
ii) Malta
iii) Greenland
iv) Sumatra

12. Which is the capital of Pakistan?
i) Karachi
ii) Lahore
iii) Islamabad
iv) Rawalpindi

13. Which is the following is also known as "Land od Midnight Sun" ?
i) Antarctica
ii) Norway
iii) Kanada
iv) Japan

14. Who wrote the book "The Discovery of India" ?
i) Arun Shourie
ii) Chandra Shakhar
iii) Anita Desai
iv) Jawaharlal Nehru

15. When is the Children day celebrated in India ?
i) 8th march
ii) 15 August
iii) 14 November
iv) 5 September

16. Where is Jaldapara National Park Located ? 
i) Himachal Pradesh
ii) Rajasthan
iii) Gujarat
iv) West Bengal

17. How many players play for each side in a hockey match ?
i) 8 Players
ii) 9 Players
iii) 10 Players
iv) 11 Players

18. What is the old name of Chennai ?
i) Tamil Nadu
ii) Madras
iii) Coimbatore
iv) Calicut

19. Who among the following is also known as Frontire Gandhi ?
i) Sanjoy Ganghi
ii) Feroze Gandhi
iii) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
iv) Mahatma Gandhi

20. What is the old name of Chennai ?
i) Tamil Nadu
ii) Madras
iii) Coimbatore
iv) Calicut
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